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Covid-19 Travel Advice

If I cancel my hoilday,can i get a refund?

If the Department of Forgein Affairs issues a warning to "avoid non-essential travel"
to an area (as it has done for CHINA, for instance).or a "do not travel" alert,
then you should be eligible for refunds or re-booking with the airline, hotel, or tour operator.
If I decide on my own accord not to travel to an area where there are
confirmed cases of the virus, am i covered?

If you cancel because you feel uncomfortable about travelling to an area, then
you are unlikely to be able to cancel or amend a booking without losing money.,br/>
If you are worried,your best bet at this stage is to contact your tour operator or
airline and ask if you can change your plans - they are not obilged to, but Irish
agents have a history of being helpful in stressful situations.

Will travel insurance cover me for medical expences
If I contact cornavirus overseas?

Provided you are not travelling to an area where the FCO/DFA have advised
againest "All but Essential travel", then you would have cover for medical expenses
if you were to travel and contract the coronavirus while abroad.

If you decide to travel against the advice of the FCO/DFA, there will be no cover in
place as the policy would exclude any travel to area the DFA have adviced against
all but essential travel.

In all instances, you should contact your airline and/or booking agent if you have
any concerns around the area you are travelling to, If travel advice changes then it
is likely that the airline or agent will offer to reschdule/refund your trip.

You should always act as if uninsured and try to mitigate the loss as much as
possible, then submit your claim.

With more and more cases of the coronavirus, Covid-19 being diagnosed, it is
difficult to keep track of what has become a rapidly evoling situation.

We suggest keeping an eye on the Department of Forgein Affairs website, the
website of your tour operator, airline and Wourld Health Organisation website.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have and questions whatsoever.

For 24 hour medical assistance while abroad please contact:

Intana +44 1992 444 337
(for all travel policies purchased in 2016)

AmTrust/Healix +44 203 823 1435
(for all travel policies purchased in or after 2017)

OSG Travel Claims +353 1 2611 540

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